Inventors at Play

From fintech to encryption, The Workshop reinvent software solutions so businesses can rise above the competition.

The Workshop like to have the freedom to tinker away at new ideas and perform extraordinary experiments; the support to work through challenging projects to achieve groundbreaking results, and the culture that makes time for self-learning and development.

Breaking out of the grid

When it was time for The Workshop to have a website revamp, they were after a CMS site that had a fluid feel to it whilst keeping it modular. The solution was to design a variety of modules which ranged from expanded full widths to halves, irregular vertical lines dotted around the grid to break things up, and a dynamic fixed intro section which showed off the three offices' timezones whilst also working in the diagonal of the logo's 'W'.

The Workshop also wanted to take the seriousness down a notch, really showing off the culture of their offices. This gave us a chance to have some fun with the site - from silly 404 pages to little icon animations for their products, The Workshop's new revamp has a delight to work on.

Have a hover over the icons!

A new way to recruit

When looking for curious developers, where better to find them than in the code itself? Any snoopers are greeted with a friendly chat in the console which leads to job opportunities to potential candidates.

Work undertaken at MSLGROUP UK
Creative Director: Michael Dowell
Supporting Designer: Michelle Charlton