Nominated for the RSA Design Award

Redefining our relationship with healthcare

Eigen is a digital health service that works with the NHS to provide users and GPs with a safe, convenient and efficient platform to manage medical information as well as track and order medication.

Users can easily arrange and keep track of their appointment schedules, whilst being able to receive medical assistance even when their GP is ‘out of hours’ or unavailable. Remembering to renew and collect prescriptions or simply purchasing medication when you are ill, immobile or have a busy work schedule can often become difficult. Eigen allows you to gather all your medication in one convenient box, delivered right to your doorstep.

Saving the NHS millions

Eigen provides a platform to manage your prescriptions and personal information as well as keep track of your medical lifestyle. The NHS lose millions of pounds a year due to patient ‘no shows’ and an inefficient appointment process. Being able to quickly and easily plan and respond to your appointments, manage prescriptions as well as being clear of what medication you are taking is a primary role of the system created.

First Prize Glendenbrook Innovation Award
Nominated for the RSA Design Award